Husband cant deny maintenance even if wife earns more

Wherein a husband was trying to get out of paying maintenance on the pretext of wife earning more and he has his parents to look after, Punjab and Haryana High Court decided that:

The Punjab and Haryana High Court inAmit Kumar v. Navjot Dubey,denied to accept the husbands contention and upheld the decision of the district court. The single bench of Justice Rekha Mittal held, Taking into consideration, prices of daily necessities of life, expenses on education of the children, who have to meet the challenges of the society and face peer pressure, I find it difficult to accept contention of the petitioner that maintenance pendente lite assessed by the court below is on higher side and requires reduction.

It is a well settled position of law that the wife ought to maintain the same life style as she would have been if she were in the matrimonial home.


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