False and forged documents amount to contempt of court?

Whether filing false affidavit, document or statement on oath falls under the purview of contempt of court ?

Section 2(a) of the Contempt of Court Act defines contempt as criminal contempt and civil contempt.

The filing of false affidavits, forged documents and false statement on oaths falls under criminal contempt of court. Such admissions obstructs, impedes and interferes with the administration of justice hence falls under criminal contempt of court under 2(c) of the Contempt of Court act, this was held by the Supreme Court in the case of Chandra Shashi vs Anil Manu.

In the case of Advocate General v Chidambara was another case where it was realized that false documents, cheating and forgery is a blow at the rule of law and contempt of court must be restored to, in order to gain public confidence.


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