Can a petition be dismissed without any reason?

In the case of Jitendar kumar vs State of bihar, the Supreme court emphasized on the need of the assigning reasons for any decision made. In the above case, a petition was dismissed by the High Court without assigning any reason. There was no discussion placed on the submissions made by the Counsel.

The reasons laid down by the Judge shows the application of mind of the Judge. Such is instrumental to determine if a case has been properly decided or if there is scope for other interpretations . The reasons help the Courts to determine if the decision is logical and based on the principles of natural justice.

“In our view, such approach of the High Court while disposing of the petition cannot be countenanced. Time and again, this Court has emphasized the necessity of giving reasons in support of the conclusion because it is the reason, which indicates the application of mind. It is, therefore, obligatory for the Court to assign the reasons as to why the petition is allowed or rejected, as the case may be” , held the Supreme Court.

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